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I am an aspiring web developer, currently capable of building web apps in Rails 5. I am also currently exploring JavaScript and its frameworks as font- and back-end alternatives.

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my skills

general skills


experienced in working in project teams and producing client-facing reports and presentations

problem solving.expert

experienced in breaking down, understanding and solving complex problems for clients in a professional setting

time management.skilled

experienced in planning for, and delivering multi-month projects

business sense.proficient

have previously worked on projects involving organisation-wide reviews and strategy development

web development


3 months


2 months


2 months


4 months


2 months


3 months

ruby on rails.capable

3 months

data analytics


3 months

numpy stack.capable

2 months


2 months


1 month


1 month

I love building websites. I really enjoy the challenge of building working web apps, as well as the creative side of the role. Scroll down below to check out some of my work!

my work

built with Ruby and Rails 5

p2pcollective.com web app

Web app

built with MERN stack


Database helper

built with JavaScript

gantt chart tool

Database helper

built with React

any-base calculator

Database helper

built with React

time interval calculator

Database helper

built with Ruby

sunny days terminal app

Terminal app

contact me

I am an aspiring web developer, currently studying at the Coder Academy boot camp. I have just changed career paths, having previously worked in consulting and banking.

I am very excited to have found web development as a new career path and have really enjoyed building my projects. I am also exploring data analytics and machine learning with Python2.

My hope is to continue developing my skills in these areas and learn many new things along the way.